24 February 2013

simple sunday #4

This triple weekend snow ritual continues my mindfulness of being, ever cognizant of the constant movement of time, ambling forward with the promise of change and new beginnings. I aim to listen to the subtle ticking of the clock, moving me - encouraging me. We have so much to gain from the lessons of life, which is why this Rilke passage struck me. Let life happen to you - because if not, what is there?

This is from today's entry in A Year with Rilke: Daily Readings that I found during an afternoon bookstore perusal seeking respite from the cold. Something about this season makes me crave contemplation and snuggling. Whatever the reason, I'm glad for it.

17 February 2013

simple sunday #3

Six inches and falling: puff of ice punctuating weekends - detaining us to warmer climes. A french press to myself, runny yolks and toast is better self-made when the wind is seen through a veil of dusty snow.

Be quiet, now, to hear the fullness of silence. 

Though bells will ring 
church steeples were catchin' fire
If you promise spring 
Then I'll know you are a liar

Cause in the spring
Tender grasses won't burn easily
Tough thrushes sing
Still my lover won't return to me
"Souverian," Andrew Bird

03 February 2013

simple sunday #2

Solo Sunday breakfast as snow falls outside. A book and coffee on the side. Quiet. Pensive.

It seems like this blog was the last of my web presence to catch up with my new life. Time to bring it up to speed with posts every Sunday about how I'm aiming to live my life more simply and meaningfully.