14 July 2010

Some Things to Consider (+ tasty treat recipe!)

My life--in pictures--of the last two weeks. And what I've learned.

Kayaking in a skirt isn't the best idea. 
(this was at a pond on the 4th)

Poking excessive holes in a watermelon isn't
conducive to holding the alcohol poured into it.

Art can be made out of blurry pictures of fireworks. 

Oregon is beautiful.

Creepy pictures may be taken with an unattended camera. 

Technology isn't always right. This is the dead-end dirt road
the GPS told us to go down as a detour. 

 Shenanigans in a creek with found objects are a must. 

Take time to enjoy the flowers. 

True friendship is priceless. :)

Dancing and singing in the car is fun. 

I've been doing pretty well. Starting to settle into my life here in Oregon. I started my job on Sunday at Safeway as a deli clerk, and even though I have sore feet and legs, I like it well enough. 

My outfit. 

Work is also the reason why I haven't been as diligent in posting. Apologies. I will try to balance everything more efficiently next week!

What I'm Cooking: 
This afternoon, I decided to make Megan and I a cool, tart treat to combat some of the OR heat. This is what I whipped up.

"Cook" time: About 10 minutes with prep

3 cherry or grape fruit popcicles
6 or 7 large, fresh strawberries
2 tbsp Country Time lemonade mix
3 or 4 ice cubes
1/2 cup water

1. Remove popcicles from their sticks and cut up into smaller pieces. 
2. Remove strawberry tops and halve.
3. Add lemonade mix and ice cubes. 
4. Add water and blend to desired consistency. 

This smoothie-type beverage is very tart, so if you like things on the sweeter side, add some sugar!

What I'm Listening to: 
Nickel Creek. I've been listening to their album Why Should the Fire Die? pretty frequently lately. The skillful violin/guitar/cello playing coupled with soulful vocals and honest lyrics give me the goosebumps! One of my favorites on the album is "Can't Complain." 

What I'm Reading: 
Mrs. Dalloway. The writing style of this entirely modern novel is unlike anything I've read before. While I really enjoy and appreciate the creative and incisive syntax of Woolf's narrative, the story gets a little bit muddled for me. There are times when I'm lost and I just keep reading and pick it up again. Kind of like life. I guess that is the point. Overall, I like it a great deal!

Until next time.


LittleBigSis said...

Great update. Love your photography. Love YOU.

Anonymous said...

Oooh, good Nickle Creek album. I went through a real phase with that CD.

Photos are lookin' great!