08 October 2012

avocado + caprese egg toast

This morning I woke in a funk. I got a crummy voicemail, I had a denied loan deferment lingering over my head and my toes were cold.

Instead of listening to the grumbling in my head about these issues with my reality, I decided to do something about the hunger in my stomach.

Enter caprese egg toast. Don't have a toaster? Not even a toaster oven? No problem. Place your toast in the oven on broil, making sure to flip it half way through. After you've made fried your eggs with butter and cheese of your choice (I chose a mozza/parm blend), smear some ripe avocado on the toasty bread. Who needs more butter when you've got an open avocado in your fridge? Slice some tomato nice and thin, and then after you've placed the cheesy eggs on your bountiful toast, sprinkle some basil on there.

Go ahead, make yourself some delicious toast when you're down. Put on a pot of french roast and enjoy your morning. It'll not only make your stomach happy, but it'll remind you that even the smallest things in life can make you smile. 

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